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Pruning that should be carried out at the time of transplantation

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Hi! I plan to buy some avocado plants (maybe 5 or 6) to plant in my garden, wait in advance for the right time to arrive (here in Argentina it is winter). Regarding this, the question arose about pruning that should be carried out at the time of transplant.

He saw several articles and some of us agree with the information they provide. For example, in this article about pruning avocado tree the following is said about pruning at the time of transplant:

"This is the first pruning performed on an avocado, and should be carried out once transplanted. Eliminate the apical terminal, thus promoting the generation of new shoots. Branches will be selected from the new developed bortes to form the structure. In others , the main branches that will identify the support of the entire plant will be defined ".

But I found other articles that recommend not pruning the first season. That I have to do? I hope you can guide me, regards.


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    Hello.   I'm afraid this is a UK based forum and the only avocadoes anyone grows are the houseplants that result from  managing to germinate a stone from an avocado they've just eaten.   

    You'd be better off searching on Californian or Israeli websites.
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