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forced bulbs

spurspur Posts: 2
Planted forced hyacinths for the house, all growing well and turning green, and still on the windowsill growing steadily.
I introduced some fresh moss to make it attractive about a week ago. Yesterday I noticed the very shortest one, the  green shoot was soft,gooey and rotting, though the bulb was still very firm. so removed this top piece of the shoot. (Wet moss maybe? )
Will this bulb bloom this season in the pot? 


  • I'd have thought most of them would be showing some sign of the flowering stem by now - depends when you did them I guess.  You may be lucky with the wet bulb but if the whole top has gone, best forget it and plant out in the garden for next year.
    I'm not an expert so wait and see if anyone else can advise you further :)

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