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Possible diseased plant

Hi all. My rhododendron appears to be diseased. Does anyone know what this is?

any help much appreciated. 


  • That looks like the effects of under/overwatering, both of which produce similar symptoms in rhodo's.  Could the roots have dried out at any point in the last year?  Otherwise check that the roots aren't standing in water.  If it is in a container then it will be extremely difficult to keep it happy as the roots need to be constantly damp but not wet and never allowed to dry out., so they are best planted in the ground.
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  • Happy Christmas.
    I agree with the above comments. Sometimes the effects of drought/ over-watering do not show for quite a while. 
    Follow @Bob The Gardener's advice and your plant should recover and show new growth in the Spring. The damaged leaves will eventually drop off and be replaced with new foliage. Feed it with a slow release fertiliser formulated for 'ericaceous' (acid loving) plants in Spring.
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  • Yes it could have been overwatered due to the lack of rain earlier this year. Unfortunately it needs to be in a pot as the soil in the ground is not suitable for the plant. Really appreciate the advice people. This site is superb. Happy Christmas to all. Paul 
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