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Hyacinths blooming, but no stem developed. Why?

Hello to everyone who is reading this message. I have two hyacinths bulbs that are blooming but they didn't developed any stem. It is funny to me, because obviously I don't understand why. I've read somewhere else that spring bulbs may need to stay more in cold... (kept mine 1 month or so outside in winter-coldness). Or that they may have been planted too deep... (raised them up now that I can even see the bulbs). But still I can smell the fragrance of the blooms; but it looks funny ! Even though I feel a little bit disappointed about the way they developed for the moment.
I admit that I'm not experienced or skilled in gardening (at least for the moment being).


  • Hello. 
    Found the main problem. It came to me when I was searching about Hyacinths not flowering.
    Found a topic about them, where I've identified the main cause:

    "The mistake most people make is bringing them inside too soon. If you do, the warmth of the house makes the flower open before its stem has lengthened so you end up with a short stubby bloom that's swamped by leaves – very disappointing after all your efforts."

    Have a God blessed day!
  • The info you quote is correct but at least you will enjoy some perfume this time and you will know exactly how to treat the bulbs next year :)

    If I transport the bulbs in a place where is cold, now as they are in this state, will there be any difference? Will the stem grow taller, or they will be "underdeveloped" still?
  • As an observation... Most surely spring bulbs really do need the cold to develop the leafs and the stem first and then they can be brought inside, or in a warm place for the flowers to appear and to bloom.

    It never occurred to me that It might be the same with hyacinths (or other spring bulbs to say); last year I've had three lily bulbs that I've "forgot" about them in the balcony (cold there in the winter!), but when springtime came they suddenly started to develop stems for flowering! No leafs, no roots, stems. And quite a handful of stems. Brought them inside. Planted them in pots. And then blooming followed with more flowers to those bulbs than I've ever had!
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