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The (Late, Bare) Rose Season 2019



  • newbie77newbie77 LondonPosts: 667
    I know it is too much for start, i just couldnt choose which ones not to buy, and got very stressed and bought those all and i am a bit worried about how will it all look. I cant visualize it. May be if it gets too crammed in, i can prune or remove some in coming years...

    I tell myself, a bunch of fragrant roses, cant look too bad  :)
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 4,326
    It was you’re persuasive powers @amancalledgeorge! RdeM is going closeto the seating area to enjoy it’s perfume - assuming my dodgy sense of smell can detect it!

    Strong gales and rain here too @Lizzie27, I will brave the garden shortly to retrieve all the stuff that’s blown about...
  • jackpjackp Posts: 31
    Hi on the subject of roses .I had posted a topic but not got much of a reply
    Basically got some particularly nice cut roses in a vase which have been sending out lots of new side growth with leaves (some 5cm long and just been sitting in water)
    keen to see if any will take root .would cutting them just below the new growth and placing in sand be the best bet ? strange though that they still grow with no roots or soil
    .will get a picture soon

  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 4,523
    edited December 2019
    @jackp ... well there's no harm in trying but you should be advised that if these are florist roses then even if you do manage to root them, they are unlikely to make good garden roses as they have not been developed for that purpose... the fact you are seeing green shoots is solely due to the stems retaining hormones and sugars which encourage growth.... when that runs out the stems die...
    ...if they don't callus over, forming a white knobbly blob at the base of the stem, then they won't root..   to encourage them to callus, you can cut the stem right under a bud, dip in hormone rooting powder and place in a pot of potting compost, or try outside in the garden, inserting into sandy soil to 3/4 depth of the stem...
    ...sometimes the stems will root in water, little white shoots can appear at the base... there is no guarantee that when you transfer the stem to a pot, they will survive..
    ...another method is to insert stems into a potato.. examples are on youtube... I've never tried this.. should expect failure rather than success...  in most cases those stems, even if sending out green shoots now, will eventually turn black and wither...  but best of luck with your endeavours in this...
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 4,523
    edited December 2019
    ...''here's one I made earlier'' as they say.. this is a garden rose, not a florist rose, but you see 3 stems in a pot... you see the one at the bottom left corner has turned dark brown/black at the base.. this is dying off... yet earlier it produced buds and even 2 flowers....  you could be fooled into thinking it had rooted and was growing away, which it hadn't and wasn't..

    ...however the other 2 stems, both much smaller,  appear to have rooted... turning the pot over you can see little white roots in the holes, arrowed...

  • jackpjackp Posts: 31
    Thanks for getting in touch,
    some good points made there .I think i will buying some more roses instead but keen to get a similar one to these .when they first arrived nearly two weeks ago some of the flower heads were nearly as big as my hand
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 4,523
    @jackp... nice white roses.... if you want a garden rose with a very similar appeal that is hugely popular and successful... look for 'Pascali'... available from many outlets... and much better than bothering to root those...
    ...for more scent consider 'White Perfumella'...  best of luck... the way, I rather like that triangular piece you have on your wall... is it a mirror? I hope you don't find this rude, but may I ask where you got it? but please don't tell me if you'd rather not, no problem on that.... I'm just a nosy so and so... thank you.. 
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 4,523
    Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.. or is it the other way round... to all rosarians in these forums... that is anybody who loves to grow lots of roses..
    ...just to advise... if you receive gift vouchers or suchlike.... both David Austin roses and Peter Beales will have major discounts from early March for bare root roses... DA is 15 percent off... PB usually do as much as 35 or even 50 percent I think towards the end... but selection is limited and may be sold out..

    ...if you are registered with DA they will send you a new catalogue in early March for the 2020/2021 season... with a DA discount code.. which is also received by email... at this time they introduce usually 3 new roses online... best wait until you get your discount code and order them then, otherwise you will pay full price...  DA keeps their roses in cold storage so bare roots are available for longer right into early April ...

    ...hope you will all be ordering lots of lovely new roses... and we like to know all the names and the lowdown on how they grow for you..
  • Local cats are still somehow managing to poop in my large pot with Desdemona!

    I spotted it and so cut up a bamboo cane into lots of pointy sticks and poked them into the soil all around the pot. Filled the gaps in with pine cones which I formed into the soil.

    That kept them at bay for several weeks, but they’ve figured a way around them now. 
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 6,897
    I've just noticed tiny green shoots on some of my new bare root roses, so hopefully they are doing well and growing.
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