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Festuca gautieri (bearskin fescue)

AstroAstro Posts: 407
Has anyone experience of Festuca gautieri? I  bought some in pots a couple of weeks ago cheaply, it is rather tatty as I believe it has party died back for winter. I have also bought some seed too.

 I've seen it primarily used as a compact mound and this is what I want to use it for. How does it get this form? 


  • Not familiar with this particular fescue. The attached link may be of help to you.
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  • AstroAstro Posts: 407
    Thank you @yorkshirerose. I suppose I'm curious as to know the nature of this type of grass, like does it just slowly grow into ever bigger dome or does it have a limit? If I take a potted plant and chop it in half will it grow back into two rounded plants? I just have no experience of mound shape grasses. 
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    Have a look at the planting instructions on this site - 

    Looks as tho divisions work well once the plant is big enough.
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    Thanks @Obelixx, there is much more information on the Festuca glauca( blue fescue) and but for the colour they seem very similar, so I'll use that for propagation and so on.
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