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Palm & Cycad seed suppliers

I'm looking to have a go at growing some palms and cycads from seed. The problem is sourcing viable seeds at a reasonable price.
Has anyone used World Wonders Gardens? If so, what was the germination rates like for their seeds?
Is there any other supplier anyone can suggest that's proved reliable?
Thanks in advance.


  • I grew Cycad revoluta and Beaucarnea recurvata ( Pony tail palm ) from seed in 1981 and they are still going strong ( the Cycad having produced several offsets over the years ).
    I've got a feeling back then that Thompson & Morgan were one of the best suppliers for "exotic" seeds but I doubt that is the case these days.
    Haven't heard of your Worlds Wonders Gardens but there used to be a place in S. Devon somewhere which sold exotic seeds and had "world" in it's title.
    Have you tried Abbotsbury Garden nursery ?  They used to do that kind of thing. Or  either the Eden Project in Cornwall or the Welsh Botanic Gardens ?  I believe they all have sales of plants so maybe seeds too ?
    Sorry not to be of more help :)    
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