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Screening evergreen


I'm looking for a couple of trees or tall shrubs that will grow above a standard 6/7 foot fence to provide some privacy in my garden (an extra 3-5 foot would do the job) 

I can't seem to identify anything that will grow fairly upright (so not taking up too much space) and also provide some colour, preferably flowers.

any ideas welcome!



  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
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    Depends on your budget. Pleached trees will do it but very expensive. 
    Photonia  grows fast and you could shape the top into a lollipop or cone and leave the trunk bare.
     how long is this fence , how wide the border, sunny, shady,type of soil?
    Will this extra 3/5ft put your neighbours garden or yours  into shade?
    Could you put a4 row of arches in and grow roses, clematis, 
    Sometimes positioning a plant or arch further away from the fence can block a view.
    Photo would be helpful
  • it's the panel across the very back there - the fence points North (south facing garden)

    no problem with neighbours there, it's a driveway/open space the other side

    not a clue about the soil, sorry!

    I have already got hold of some clematis and fruit trees which I plan to plant to the left of picture, but would be happy to go with arches and evergreen climber, or trees. 

  • Oooh lots of options ... a lovely space full of potential. 😊
    I think it all depends on the style of garden you want ... decide that and we can begin to think constructively about your options. 
    I’d be looking at a secluded area in that corner for sitting/reading/maybe dining ... so a pergola with climbers around a paved seating area and perennials and Mediterranean style containers would suit me.  But you may have other plans for that corner ... perhaps you prefer a more open look ... perhaps you have children who need space for ball games?

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Hi @Dovefromabove,

    Yes I have 2 kids so was planning on keeping it fairly open. I would like to create a 'wild corner' with wild flowers, ferns, insect hotel etc but can't decide btw this corner and the opposite side of the garden. probably leaning toward this space.

    I think we've settled on a pink/purple/white/green pallete. 

    sooo, I think either evergreen climber or lollipop shaped trees would probably work best for me. this space should catch some direct sunlight during the day, as behind it it quite open and garden is south-facing.

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    Hi @jamiewells1980 - I think a corner with climbers and perhaps a focal point would be great there, and wouldn't impact on the general space for children playing etc. A birdbath or a large statement pot for example, would be good, although if you feel you have room, you could have a specimen tree/shrub instead. Something with good autumn colour like an Acer would work well, but there are plenty of other examples.  
    As it's a long wall/fence there too, it's something that would benefit from evergreens as it gives you  something to look at from the house in winter.
    If the garden is south facing, that area will be roughly the opposite, but that's fine, and there's plenty of climbers etc which will do very well. The wall on the right of that corner is presumably not yours, but if you want to screen that area a bit too, you can always have a standard border in that section, and if you wanted some climbers there, you can put a few posts in with wires or trellis, a foot or so in from the wall. 

    A blank canvas can be daunting, but this is a good time of year to do the planning  :)
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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