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Can anyone identify this please

Can anyone identify this houseplant please .? 


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    Ficus benjamina.   Evergreen houseplant that needs good light to do well and minimum temps of about 10C and out of cold draughts.

    I would be keen to lift that one out of its pot and check the roots in case it needs potting on and then I'd use a John Innes no 3 loam based compost rather than multi purpose.   Water well before and after and then let it drain before putting it back in its cache-pot.

    I have a variegated version which is now 2m tall.  It goes outside on the terrace in summer but not in full sun because that burns the creamy bits of foliage.   I no longer pot mine on but do give it a spring refresh on the top level of compost and I feed it from early spring to mid summer.   When it's back indoors I stand it in teh shower once a month to clean any dust off the foliage.

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