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Collecting leaves for composting

Having read GW recently has brought me to try collecting leaves again. I did this many years ago into plastic bags etc. But with work rota’s never attended to them etc. 
I have some fine mesh to make a pen to keep them in. 
But my main concern, although having lots of leaves from various bushes and trees. I have a Sycamore tree outside at bottom of the garden. The seeds are blown totally anywhere with strong weeds. 

Can I still use the leaves for compost even with these seeds mixed in. 
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  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    My compost does not reach temperatures high enough to kill seeds, you need to be pretty expert to do that. However, it is excellent stuff and I just pull out weeds. I can't say there is any difference in weed density where I have mulched and where I haven't.
  • If you can make leaf mould then do you can't buy it. As Posy says just pull out any weed seedlings that germinate.
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