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Corncockle in full flower 3/12/19 central southend on sea



  • I nearly did end up in Devon about 15 years ago but the job fell through and I was offered more to stay here so I stayed, I would have been based at Holsworthy or nearby but nothing came of it in the end , i'm retired now and still have restrictions placed on me by a stroke 7 years ago , the garden saved my life as it made me fight to get as better as I could because the meadow had only just been started and I knew already that you could not create a properly functioning meadow in less than around 7 years , it works well now and keeps me reasonably active and always looking forward with anticipation to what each new season will bring , i'm absolutely certain that had I been in a high rise block I would'nt be here now , thanks for the tip on the new year flower count i'll make sure to check it out .
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 16,494
    Looking forward to some photos of the meadow next year. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Hi , Lyn , i've never been much good with a camera but I do have one or 2 here from this year , I aloso have 3 or 4 better shots taken by a neighbour but i'll need to scan them first as they are conventional pics but printed after being taken on a phone , anyways here's a few as a taster , first 2 are from last year the rest from this year .they are mixed months but mostly April May and June so the deptfords Catchfly and the not uncommon wild carrot are seen in the first pic but i'm afraid the deptfords are not showing there .sorry for the haphazard presentation but i'm afraid I never was good at that .
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 16,494
    It’s lovely, pink Campions good, is that a white one ?  Is that Valerian, it’s gorgeous. 
    Echium is brilliant for the bees, must be their absolute favourites, everyone should grow some Echium.
    You would get on well with my friend, @Fishy65. He loves wild flowers and has a very pretty garden. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • The white one is Night flowering catchfly which is thought to be extinct in essex except my ones of course :)beside it is wild carrot better known as queen annes lace ,yes that is valerian which is not strictly native but has been here since at least the 12 th century and possibly earlier so it just passes the native test as far as i'm concerned .The Echiums are very good for the bees but are beaten in my opinion by Borage which seems to attract them more , speaking of bees I had a swarm camp out in an ancient old apple tree in the main garden this summer just past and I was hopeful they would stay but they moved on after 4 days .
  • I forgot to mention the Geum Rivale in the 4th pic with a solitary cowslip just peeking through Rivale are my favourite Geum of all and they sit beside a small wildlife pond I created in the summer of 2018 , cowslips are something I am trying to much increase and I would dearly love to have some Betony but for the life of me I just can't seem to get them to grow here .Some things seem to take multiple attempts to get them established over a few years and yet others romp away and sometimes border on being pests , i'm looking forward to summer next when the  young great Mullein plants that took me years to get going will flower set seed and then die , I love great mullein for it's majesty and i'm told the bees love it too.
  • A beatiful display of plants and flowers in your garden @garyd52 .  I too have Geum Rivale growing around my pond and in the bog garden - the bees love the flowers there are always a few buzzing.
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 16,494
    Fishy has just sent me some roots of the geum so that’s down by my pond now.
    I've got the giant yellow Mullein and a shorter white one,   The Mullein Moth lays her eggs on it as well as bees, so a good all rounder. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • I've actually had people tell me the Rivale cannot be native as they are far too pretty to be endemic but i've also had that reaction with much more common native flowering plants and even a spindleberry tree , it's no wonder our native plants are in such a decline when so many people don't have a clue as to the wondrous things that are around them if they only took the time to look.There's a place near to S'end called Wakering common and tufted vetch grow there in profusion and yet I had an old friend who was born and still lives just yards from the common and when I commented on them one day whilst out walking his dog he told me he had never seen them before and yet I know they've grown there all my 66 years of life.Thank you Guernsey Donkey , i'm getting there but then i've been saying that this past 7 years :)

  • Fishy65Fishy65 Posts: 2,253
    Thank you Lyn for bringing this thread to my attention. Gary, that is my kind of garden!! I love it. Loads of gorgeous plants and it just goes to show you don't need exotic aliens to create a beautiful scene. Not that I don't have some non-natives, cosmos and nasturtiums are regulars in my tubs. 

    I see you have red valerian Gary. I've got the common variety though I don't think they're actually related? In fact I've got a surplus of young valerian plants in the greenhouse that need homes. Mullein I have but the dark mullein (verbascum nigrum). Viper's Bugloss a great plant too. Oh yes and geum rivale are lovely aren't they, they've produced hybrids in my garden with geum urbanum. Wild Carrot I first grew this year and was loved by hoverflies. 

    Wonderful pictures  :)
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