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I recently (Oct 2019) laid a lawn which I bought as turf from a reputable supplier (well respected gardening firm recommended them). It was laid just before our recent very wet weather so  it’s had plenty of water. To start with it looked lush and green (3-4 weeks)but is now starting to look very poorly. I’ve wanted to mow it (now 6-7 weeks down) but decided it’s been too wet so far.
Yesterday I checked on it. The turf is very wet on top and clearly hasn’t continued to root to the sub soil. The sub was a soil sand mix raked over with some loose general potting compost on top. I used scaffolding boards to work from when laying.
Can it have got too wet?
Really concerned this is going to die. I spiked it yesterday and could see the turf still lifting in lots of places. Also there are some plain mud areas developing.
Anyone able to say what I did wrong.? 
Is it recoverable do you think?
Can I do anything to encourage root development.?


  • Stay off it until spring. You must have walked over it a lot when you spiked it... unrooted turf needs to be left alone. 
  • Thanks. Was intending to and just to add that I did the spiking from a path around it for the most part, but I read elsewhere that it should have rooted within 3 -4 weeks. Even should be ready for first mow there or there abouts. I realise it’s not going to grow much now we’re below 9C so I’m hoping it will survive left alone.
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,032
    If you had laid it earlier in the year, it would have rooted more speedily. It just takes a bit longer when it's autumn.
    Come spring, it should come away. If, at that stage, there are areas which aren't doing well, you can address it then. 

    I take it that you made sure it had firm contact with the soil when you laid it though?
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