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Ante30Ante30 Senj, CroatiaPosts: 702
Christmas is behind the corner and it's time to think about Christmas tree. Which one you prefer? Real or artificial, potted or cut, spruce or fir....
Last six years I buy potted tree and after Christmas I plant them around my cottage. I also prefer spruce.


  • B3B3 Posts: 10,538
    • How many years have you been doing this? I'm imagining a forest around your cottage😊
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    Evening Ante.  

    I do the same as you.    I have three fir trees in my garden.   I did plant six, but two died and one had to be cut down as it grew too big and was close to a gas pipe.   It was a beauty too.     I’m buying another one soon when I go with my daughter to buy her tree.    She is also doing the same thing.    I put lights on a couple of them at Christmas. 
  • madpenguinmadpenguin Isle of WightPosts: 1,675
    I have an artificial one,this year it will be 20 years old!

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  • Ante30Ante30 Senj, CroatiaPosts: 702
    @B3, I'm doing this only last six years, but every year I try to buy different sort so I have blue spruce, frasier fir and korean fir.

    Hi Runny. It's lovely feeling when you don't waste tree and it keeps growing in your garden. Ofcourse, we all need space for doing that. 
  • Ante30Ante30 Senj, CroatiaPosts: 702
    It looks lovely @madpenguin

    Photos of christmas trees are most than welcome.
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    ANTE.    Yes, it is a good feeling to keep a tree and see it grow.  I Have 2 Normand spruce and 1 Korean fir.    The one I had to have cut down was a Normand Spruce that got to big, and as I said yesterday the other two died.   I think someone on the forum warned me that it would grow big and fast, but I didn’t take any notice. 🤨

    If everyone who could accommodate a cmas tree, bought one, we would all be contributing  to  cleaner air.   Doing our bit as it were.    Be careful where you plant them though, as they can grow quite big very fast.   

    Lovely tree MP. 😊

    Looking p forward to seeing more Cmas trees on this thread, 🌲🌲
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 2,586
    Always real. I bought a potted Nordmann fir last year from a GC - proper rooted tree, not a stump stuck in a pot. I potted it on after xmas last year and it’s looking good and healthy. Hopefully should last a few more years before it gets too big to bring in the house.
  • Muddle-UpMuddle-Up Posts: 14,543
    This is what happens when you plant them outside, Ante 😉

    It's just too big to decorate now....

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  • Pauline 7Pauline 7 West Yorkshire Posts: 1,505
    That looks lovely MU..........cold, but lovely 
  • 1Runnybeak11Runnybeak1 Posts: 8,492
    Fantastic specimen  MU.   

    Hi, Pauline 👋👋
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