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Damn slugs!

Hi there,

first post here so bear with me.
I have a question regarding slug and snail baits. I have tried all the organic traps etc and could not get rid of slug and snails from around my veggie garden so i went to the last resort of using snail and slug pallets. I folowed all instructions as per the box. 
My question is how long after you have put the pallets around the plants can you plant new seedlings/veggies in the same part of the garden? I have some more seedlings ready to transplant but am scared of toxic chemicals getting to them and into my soil. TIA


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 7,176
  • You would only need a very small number of pellets - people do sometimes scatter them everywhere in the mistaken belief that the more the better.
    Like you, I have resorted to the odd few pellets in my veg containers and I still harvest and re plant new veg.  with no ill effects to myself.  
    Unless you are extremely lucky, you are not going to be able to avoid predation by slugs or can pick off and destroy daily when you see them .......depends how much time you have to spare.  I find the worst culprits tend to be the small slugs which live under the soil surface and therefore difficult to detect.
    Some people advise Nematodes so that may be worth looking into it ?
    However, when you consider what you unknowingly take in every day, I wouldn't worry too much. 
    Being as organically minded as possible is probably the best you can do at present :)  
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