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Christmas present offer ROSES



  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 3,874
    @valerieroberts … Valerie... the dark rose in the mixed group is 'Munstead Wood'... and last one on its own is 'Thomas a Becket'... this rose would last 10 days in a vase if picked just as the buds start to open... it opens beautifully in a vase ...and has a citrus scent... I think I took that picture on Dec. 25 one year..

    I used to have a greenhouse with a path down the middle... I think you could get away with 4 each side if they are only for cutting... 
    I had this climbing rose in mine until recently, but it got too big.... small roses are the way to go..

  • Many thanks for your help. I’m nearly there. Valerie
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 3,874
    ....if you  have lots of varieties especially Austins, then you will always get some late blooms like these... it's a pity you don't want orange or yellow because Lady of Shalott and Vanessa Bell are two of the best... they open out beautifully in a vase...

  • My problem is that I love them all, but as these are just for cutting flowers I am going by my lounge colour scheme. White upholstery with cream carpet, glass with a slight green tint. Yellow and white always reminds me of Eggs. Reds, pinks and violet are my favourites in there with  HT shape. Munstead wood will set the lilac off nicely. 
    Thanks a lot for your invaluable help. Valerie 
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