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Christmas present offer ROSES

hi rose lovers. I have been offered a present of 20 bare roots roses for Christmas. These to go in our greenhouse for cutting. My main criteria is for perfume. My colour scheme forbids yellow or orange garish colours.  Love blues, purple, whites and pale pinks and dark red, plus creamy tints of HT. roses. As this is a one time offer I need to get it right. Would you be so kind as to put me on the right path with recommendations and experience of long lasting blooms in water.
many thanks, Valerie 


  • NollieNollie Posts: 6,771
    Wow, fabulous gift! Are you restricted to one supplier? I’m thinking for that quantity it would be worth considering in the Netherlands. You will see from the rose season thread that lots of us have ordered from there. They have an exhaustive range and are really good value, quality roses. This is my third, or maybe fourth... time ordering from them.

    As to perfume and vase life, over to more experienced rose growers than me...
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  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 10,815
    Lovely present!  The only point that occurs to me is that I think roses won't grow well in a greenhouse as it is likely to be to hot and humid and you would probably get diseases and pests.  Can you not plant them outside somewhere? 
    As for perfumed roses, there are literally hundreds but whether they would also have a good shelf life I don't know.  Hopefully other OP's might have the answer.

    Enjoy your presie! 
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  • Hi Nollie, what a marvellous site for buying roses, I think I need a field.  Thank you, it’s really nice. 
    Lizzy27. That a good point, but we usually take the glass out of the roof in summer so we don’t have to water so often. Thinking of fitting a pipe system like the one that is in the other house. Will have to play it by ear. Thank you for the advice.  Valerie 
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 9,979
    Gertrude Jekyll has a wonderful scent.
    I have a couple in my front garden and the scent fills the air in the summer months.

    I don't grow it, but Chandos Beauty has been recommended as an outstanding HT rose with a lovely scent, nit sure what colour it is tho.

    What a generous gift and what a lovely time you'll have choosing varieties.
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  • Pete, I’m really enjoying myself. Chandos beauty is in my garden ,and yes it’s perfume is gorgeous with a pale peachy pink almost Floribunda growth.  I will put Gertrude Jekyll on my list as that’s the kind of scent I like and it’s recommended by you and Sara Raven, thank you. Valerie 
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,174
    @valerieroberts, l hope you don't mind me hijacking your thread, but l have a question about buying a rose at this time of year and l'm hoping someone can advise.
    I would like to get a Burgundy Ice rose, but l can't plant it until next Spring and l have nowhere to heel it in. I could buy a bare root one and pot it up,and keep it sheltered over winter, or a ready potted one and do the same. Or would l be better to buy it in the Spring and plant it then ?
    Any advice gratefully received. 
    Good luck with your roses Valerie  :)
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,436
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    @AnniD .. hi Anni.... either / or really... you could get a bare root now and pot it up... don't be afraid to trim the roots back if necessary.. or buy a potted one when you're ready.. it's a rose that's readily available from a number of vendors, so obtaining one whenever you are ready, wouldn't be difficult, whichever way you choose...  I have lots in pots for planting next year sometime... but I like to buy them already potted during spring or summer too... but they are more expensive....

    @valerieroberts … how lucky...  for vases it's best to choose roses with many petals preferably with a tight formation, rather than a loose one... lots of Austin roses are good in vases that have the full many petalled look... avoid single flowered roses....although I do like to add a few of these for a day or two... for a white consider 'Pascali'..... I also recommend the Austin rose 'Boscobel' in particular for its scent and good vase life... are some of mine.... these fuller bloomed roses do well in vases usually...

    ...go for this type...

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  • NollieNollie Posts: 6,771
    @AnniD, I have, among others, a Burgundy Ice bare root on order. I plan to pot them up in old David Austin pots or similar - ones that are quite deep but not too wide - then keep them in my poly tunnel to plant out in Spring. You can trim the roots to fit the pot. So I personally would do that if you are not ready to plant out yet.

    I suspect a potted rose at this time of year would probably be root bound by now, and in Spring the bare root roses will only have just been potted up for sale, so I’m not convinced you really gain much for the extra price. A potted rose in summer, once the bare root season has passed, is worth it as someone else has gone to the bother of potting it up and growing it on for you. Just my opinion tho, others may disagree.

    For your rose present, Valerie, I guess you will be needing reasonably compact roses happy to be grown in pots, so probably no climbers or really big shrubs that need support? Most of the main rose suppliers you can select for size, perfume, colour etc., so worth doing that to come up with a wish list?

    Munstead Wood is compact, a gorgeous colour and a strong scent (so I believe, my sense of smell is not great, so to me it’s just mildly fruity). I can really smell Gertrude Jekyll though, which is why I forgive her the poor re-bloom after the first flush. Both are pretty thorny. I really like the blooms of Darcy Bussell and they last well in the vase, but not one for scent. Check out Comte de Chambord as well, similar to GJ but better, by all accounts...
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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,174
    @Marlorena and @Nollie , thank you for your replies  :)
    l think l might go with the bare root option, l have an old David Austin pot l can use, and plenty of compost. I have the chance of free postage so l am going to go for it !
    Thanks again for your advice,  much appreciated. 
  • Marlorena, thanks for pointing me in the right direction, also could you tell me the Name of the very dark rose in the mixed group of roses and the one on its own, the last photo please. I love your vases full of flowers, that’s what I’m aiming for. 
    Nollie, thanks for the tips I will check out the compte. The green house is just full of deep soil with a 12 inch path through the centre, 10 x 8.
    This the question - How many roses do you think I can cram in. Valerie 
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