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Please help my Kiwi Ti houseplant! (Cordyline fruticosa)

Hi, i have had my Kiwi ti plant for 2 years, recently it’s bottom leaves have been quickly turning yellow and dry/crispy. 
I currently have 3 yellow leaves and 2 have died in the last week. 
The plant is misted daily and was repotted in spring this year. It is currently by a south facing window however i suspect it has not had very much sun due to the very poor winter weather i have had the last month. In winter, i water the plant once it’s dry. 

Any ideas? 
Many thanks


  • I am having the same problem at the moment with my cordyline kiwi plant, although it has not got totally dry and crispy towards the bottom, but these red dots and red discolouration have started to appear on some of the leaves! 
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