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Replanting Cherry Trees

I bought two bare root cherry trees in the winter. One has grown well and trebled its height. The other has shown a few leaves but struggled. It has now shed its few leaves. I would like to transplant it into a large patio pot. Is this a viable proposition and when should I do it?


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    Should've said - variety "Stella" from Canada.
  • You didn't actually comment on whether or not a large patio pot is viable. I am suggesting a minimum pot diameter of 2 feet (60cm) but probably 3 feet or 90cm.
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    The size of the pot depends on the size of the rootball really and whether or not the tree is grafted to a dwarf rooting stock and how big the canopy will get because it needs to be balanced by enough weight at the base to stop the tree being blown over or starved in the growing season or its roots frozen in winter.
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  • Root ball help with what size pot to put in and also how big do you want it to grow it to in height and diameter.
    So we say rootball is same kind of size as a 10 litre pot, the pot its going into should depending on size be be from a 1/2 inches if not more if pot is really big. Picture of pot or measurements would help. It should be of rose tree shrub compost below it, 1/2inches below of same compost but 50% soil mixed together and below that a inch to 1/2 inches for drainage large stone or broken pottery from cracked damaged pots. Surrounding it should be mixed same compost and 50% soil and on top room for 1/2 inches and then a layer of large gravel or slate.
    Reason why i say 50% soil and 50% compost as it reduces how quickly it can dry out.
    Pot size depends on how big or small you want to keep the tree. I have a Oak Tree in a 2 foot squared pot potted up from a seedling found in the garden. 20 plus years later its now looks like a Bonsai Oak tree.
    Growing season is only a estimate March-September i go by when plants, shrubs and trees are showing signs of starting to grow or not gone doormant yet. Any plant shrub or tree kept in a decorative pot will use up all the nutrients in the pot it has so a liquid feed of Liquid Seweed will help it grow healthy and give you fruit.
    Pot is best being cyclinder or cube shape not wide at top and narrow at bottom as it will be top heavy with cannopy of the tree and fall over.
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