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    With regard to cards... I don't send 'em.. waste of a good tree.
    In fact I don't "do" Xmas.. no tree, no presents, no tacky jumpers & certainly no bloody decorations.
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    Bah humbug!
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    Back to @Logan4 's original question,  when it comes to the design of the cards, l am an unashamed traditionalist. I like robins, snow, red post boxes in a snowy country lane, all that sort of thing .
    I like sending and receiving cards, but the cost is certainly rising.
    I have an address book going back over 40 years, with names added in and crossed out for various reasons(people have moved, died, etc.).
    As l go through it each year and write the cards, it reminds me of friends l met years ago and the experiences we shared.
    I have sent and received e-cards, but they are mostly for friends overseas.

  • Rik56Rik56 WiganPosts: 148
    B3 said:
    Bah humbug!
    I get it every year B3... and much worse.
    But come the 10th Jan when all my friends moan at how much they've spent and how they have to climb a ladder in freezing weather to take down the irritating flashing lights that have adorned their gutters for two months I try not to be slightly smug... I fail of course and come across as a condescending miserable old sod...but it makes for good banter.
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    We send cards to friends and relatives we love but who, for various reasons, we see only seldom, and enjoy receiving a few cards from the same small group. 

    We enjoy buying small gifts for close family members and special friends. 

    A few days before Christmas we decorate a corner of the living room with greenery, lights and aforementioned cards. 

    We either travel to spend a couple of days with family members or happily spend a quiet couple of days at home together enjoying each other’s company along with some special foodie treats.

    We clear the detritus away for Twelfth Night and put out a bowl of flowering bulbs and look forward to Spring. 

    We like our sort of Christmas 🎄 

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    I was going to say just what @AnniD has said! I like to send and receive Christmas cards, they make up part of my Christmas decorations as well. I find email cards rather disappointing. I enclose a Christmas letter in the cards for closest friends and family. Since living in France it is a good way of keeping in touch with friends in England.

    I like to "do" Christmas, but then I have a big family in France. If they don't come on Christmas Day, as going to in-laws, other relations, then they choose a different day to come to me. But I can see how it can be a sad time of year for those who don't have enough money or who don't have family.
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    I tend to choose cards that have a traditional picture and I don’t mind some glitter it looks festive. All of last years cards are kept to cut out and re-use as gift labels on presents.
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    I don't send cards.  For personal reasons I don't celebrate Christmas at all. This year I will be using the time off work to decorate the hall and stairs. 
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    Youll be decking the halls then😊
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • I'm trying to make my Christmas cards, these are the only finished ones so far..... The rest still need cutting out and glueing on......🎅
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