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dracaena falling over as is top heavy

My daughters dracaena plant was overgrown & rootbound when it moved into my house in September. We had no option but to repot it. Being the autumn, it wasn't a great idea but we had to do something. New roots aren't growing so plant very unstable. Plant is 6' & very wobbly  - I've tied it to a dining room chair (which we will need at Christmas when the family turn up!)


  • If it has been in too small a pot for ages, it will take some time to get used to the new one.
    If rootbound, the best thing is to provide enough depth and width in the new pot and gently tease the roots apart before potting on.
    It will take some time to produce new roots in sufficient quantity to stabilise it.  Could be that you may need to reduce the height.
    A photo with dimensions may help to elicit advice :)   
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