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Infested leeks

My leeks seem to have rust but also there are reddish brown larvae in between the layers. Any ideas what they are and how to get rid of them. Whole crop infested


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,250
    Leek Moth. We got it, had to stop growing leeks as nothing we did helped. Sorry.
  • Allium leaf minor.  Remove everything allium from the site, and leave it a couple of years before trying again.

    every plot on our site is infected, committee may introduce a ban if people don’t volunteer to stop growing for a few years
  • There are pheremone traps available similar to those for plum & apple trees. The idea is you monitor for signs of the moth & then spray. If you don't want to spray then you will have to use fine mesh net to stop the adults laying their eggs.
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  • Caroline117Caroline117 Posts: 45
    edited December 2019
     this is definately the Allium leaf miner. I had them last year. It shouldn’t stop you growing them successfully. This year I crop rotated and kept them covered under  fine mesh from the first day they were planted. No problems this year. Two main generations one from March to May then another from Aug to Oct. late season generation can be the more devastating. I only remove mesh from Dec to be absolutely sure. 
  • Is there any treatment I can put in the soil after removing all my allium leaf minor infested onions.  I have burnt my crop following the advise I have been given but not sure what to do with the bed now. Should I leave it empty for a year ?  Do I cover it up? Most plots on our site have this infestation.
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