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New Here, Need help about growing Veg for Rabbits

Hi, In Spring i plan on growing veg for my rabbits. I know nothing about gardening so need some help.

Is this the right place to post?


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,039
    I think there's a few people here who have or had rabbits. We used to have a few and I found they loved herbs more than veg. Apart from carrots that is but they helpfully prefer the leaves to the orange bit that humans eat so it works out as food for both of you.
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  • Hi, Would love to speak to rabbit people, I have 6 and they get through quite a bit of veggies. I plan on /hope to grow cabage, carrot, mint, parseley, basil, dill, thyme, celery, kale, brocoli, brussel sprouts, greens, green beans, spinach and rocket. I know that not all of them will be possible, i've heard that beans are tricky. I want to grow them on raised beds, very raised, like 3 foot up. i have back issue so they have to be high enough for me to stand while maintaining them. I want to grow them in sideways bookshelves, i dont know hwo to go about drainage or depth of book shelf, any ideas?
  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,466
    Our bunny loves fresh parsley,mint and dandelions!
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  • Your rabbits are very cute,!   :)

    Do you already have the bookshelves?  Presumably you'll be lying them on their backs, raised up on something, and filling them with compost?   My bookshelves (filled with books not plants!) have very flimsy backs made of hardboard, which would be a problem to you if yours are the same - they twist out of shape and rot quickly, when they get damp.  Even old fashioned bookcases tend to use poor quality timber for the back.  You'll definitely need some holes for drainage... 

    If you could take a photo of the shelves/containers you intend to use, we could advise you better.   :)
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  • I haven’t got the bookshelves yet, I am planning on getting some from Facebook or charity shops in the new year, I’m going to lift them up with pallets. I could add wood to the back and kind the wood with a plasticy membrane to protect the wood?
  • I grow 'weeds' for my guinea pigs, dandelions, clover and chickweed, they grow in pots that I can move into my greenhouse overwinter to keep a steady supply
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    In flower tubs you can grow chickory, carrots, or herbs for rabbits. I would use pallets against the wall to make troughs for herbs ( you tube has the how to on it) and the raised beds for larger plants like cabbage. You will never grow as much as you need, but will be able to supplement their diet as they will still need rabbit pellets too for a complete diet.
    You have a good mix of breeds there with different needs so careful when introducing new feed stuff to their diet.

    P.S. Do hope you have them inoculated as its Mixy time of year and for RHD/VHD too.
  • thanx purplerallim, yeah their all uptodate with vacinations, im very stingent about that, all neutered too, and yeah their cuties! the three living alone will hopefully move in together in spring (yes i know how to bond rabbits) what do you mean pallets against the wall? can you send me that utube link please, i know i wont grow all i need, but brexit is making veg more difficult to obtain, particualy Daisy (the netherland dwarf, white with spots) as she only eats kale, shes very fussy, and my local tesco only sells one type of kale, a type that she hates!
  • dont planning on growing now, just researching for spring veg growing
  • This is what I ment as a vertical herb garden

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