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Tomatoes - beginner Q's

I've read

It doesn't mention if it's better to grow in a greenhouse or outdoors - I assume in a greenhouse. 

Can any-one comment on how they plant to get enough tomatoes for 2 people - number of plants, pots etc - is planting in a growbag the easiest way? 

Do you think it is worth planting from seed, as little plants from garden centers are usually cheap? As it says 18degC is needed to propagate seeds I guess that means a window ledge in a house only not a greenhouse? 


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,203
    I only grow undercover - too cold here for outdoor toms. The night time temps need to be consistently above about 10 to 12 degrees. It largely dpeends on where you live, and what your local climate is like. They need good light early on, and warmth later when they develop.
    I personally use pots for my toms. They're sown around mid to end of March [on the windowsill] and potted on as they grow, and put in the greenhouse. I only have a mini greenhouse with room for about 4 to 5 plants, and that gives a reasonable amount for me. For two adults you'd probably need a few  more, but it also depends on variety.

    Little 'bought' plants are fine if you only want a few, but there's less choice. A packet of seed will keep for several years too, so it's economical  :)
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    I grow in garden tubs ( two plants per tub) both in greenhouse and outside. In a green house you can start earlier and finish later, but outside works too,  just for a shorter period. 
    Two/three cherry tomato plants, would be enough,  plus a larger variety for salads maybe four of those would keep you in toms from end of July till September outside.

    If you planted seed then start them off in March inside and plant out end of May after frosts finish.

    Yes for many years just bought starts from GC, which is ideal for small numbers, and saves the time caring for small plants inside. Also gives the option of different varieties on a small scale. Hope this helps @men8ifr .😁
  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
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    first time round you probably won't grow enough just because so many things can go wrong growing them. In summer they practically need daily watering. They also need to be staked so the stems don't fall over when the tomatoes ripen, it's hard to know how the plant will grow without having grown it before, some grow 2 meters tall, others are more bushy..First time round should be a trial run and learning experience.

    store bought seedlings are usually stronger but imo garden centres sell them too late and you will have problems ripening them. If you can get them early, great - otherwise starting seeds as early as February gives them a good head start. Keep them indoors till April once temps are warm enough to go outside.
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