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Ladybirds in the house

Morning from a rather chilly but lovely and sunny Worcestershire. I'd like to ask if anyone has ladybirds hibernating in the house,particularly in the corners of windows throughout the winter months? We do each year and to be honest they aren't doing any harm so we let them get on with it however having done a Google search it appears that we may not be doing them any favours and we should put them outside,any thoughts please?


  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,512
    I have the same problem around window frames particularly on the upper floor, but the ladybirds seem to die quickly and bodies litter the floor when you open the windows to air the rooms. Those that try and nest in the garage are a handy larder for the spiders. A load tried to nest in my poly tunnel the year before last until I disturbed them sweeping and tidying so now I plan to leave it alone until spring, but non visible this year in there. Surely of you put them outside, assuming you can catch them still alive, they would die of cold? I would like to effect a ladybird rescue op, assuming I can get them when still alive, but where to put them?? I too would be interested in any advice...
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  • Hi Nollie,thank you for your reply. Yes I'm not keen on putting them outside,they huddle up in the top corner of the window and as you say quite a few die throughout the winter. This page may be of interest to you think it's American and an interesting read 
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