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Again, smokin, nice one.  Always enjoy your posts


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    Lovely story, smokin, what a nice man you are!image

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    hi i have to be careful here but some time ago i was talking to a council officer about allotments as this particular village /town has none and ,Quote " between you and me he said most local bye laws still in use Force us should a group of 12 people or more ask for allotments , to do purchasers compulsory if needed to supply them"),,now im not a solicitor and only quoting a council officer talking to me this year , he did say that a few years ago a feeler was put out and they received many letters asking for them " not to be too near them," i think people still think off allotments as sort of rubbish tip type of things ,quite unlike the ones iv seen and got, they tend now to really good looking gardens with lots of wild life in mind and full of really laid back nice people enjoying themselves just like Smoking remembers, i think if children were taught more about gardening for the future, then there wouldn't be the gap where as they grow up they lose touch with the plants and flowers until later in life when it all comes into its own again ,

    its a sad story Smoking and you ought to have been offered another one not too far away .Good luck Alan4711
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    hi all iv recently acquired this,

    ??? Do Councils have a statutory duty to provide allotments?

    Yes. If the council believes that there is a demand for allotments; they have a statutory duty to provide a sufficient number of plots. Section 23 of the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908. planning policy guidance from the government 2007, very interesting for areas who don't have allotments. BUT

    it doesn't give a set time for supplying once they agree the needs is there

    love to see it tried

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