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Pond predators

Just looking at the recent thread about serious damage to fish - I was surprised a couple of years ago to find my local Blackbird happily hoiking Newts out of my pond.
I hadn't really considered them as a "pond predator" as such - now wonder how prevalent this behaviour is ?


  • Ante30Ante30 Senj, CroatiaPosts: 1,195
    edited November 2019
    Blackbirds and all small birds use my pond like bath and water source, but major predators are seagulls. Fishes are secure under water lily and other plants but clear water surface is a dangerous zone.
  • madpenguinmadpenguin Isle of WightPosts: 2,137
    I know Blackbirds take tadpoles and froglets from my pond.
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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 63,927
    I know Blackbirds take tadpoles and froglets from my pond.
    I think they do here too ... and I’ve a feeling that Magpies do the same. 
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  • They don't just go for froglets, more than once I have seen them attack quite large frogs.
  • Heron's make an infrequent visit to our pond, ducks try their luck too, usually only in the Spring though.
  • Thanks all for the comments.
    I hadn't seen the Blackbird taking either Tads or small frogs - just the newts.  Not to say it didn't of course - I could just have missed it. 
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