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Dicksonia antarctica

Hello. I have a very large tree fern which must be 8ft now. I've had it for 2 years and it has slowly recovered from it's dormant 'log' state. It is now growing sucker type growths from the root area extendeding out about 6 inches with the mini ferns being about 1ft tall.
My question is: can I dig these up and re-pot or will I disturb the roots? Thanks


  • Any possibility that it is Dicksonia squarrosa rather than antarctica?  I think D. squarrosa naturally forms clumps via offsets.  Either way, given that these trees are often just cut at the base and then rooted before sale, rooting shouldn't be a problem.  If you detach the offsets (with some of their own roots if possible) and put them into pots of gritty compost, I see no reason they wouldn't take and grow on.
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  • wcodnerwcodner Posts: 3
    Thanks Bob. It’s definitely Dicksonia Antarctica. I tried squarrosa and failed!! Apologies for the long delay in answering! Another question actually; the top fronds seem to be quite small (about 2-3ft long max). They should be at least 5ft. Is the base growth detracting from the top growth? Thanks.
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