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Over-wintering batatas

I've finally pulled up the ornamental sweet potato I grew this year, I've got a couple of cuttings thatve struck but I'd like to try growing a plant or two from the tubers I've recovered. What's the best way to store these?


  • I’ve a feeling @scullion has grown these ... perhaps she can help ...

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • I've only tried growing the edible ones but i would suppose they need a similar treatment - which is a period of 'curing', like onions, before storage. what i've read is that you leave them in a frost free, sunny place for a few days after you've dug them up - i think it firms up the skin a bit. then you store them in frost free conditions - i suppose a bit like dahlias.
    if you are wanting to grow slips from the tubers i'd start early if i were you - they take their time.
    you have to put the root end of the tuber in a jar of water (but not touching the bottom of the jar) - this a little more difficult than it sounds as sometimes you can't tell which end is which (i had one in a jar for a year before i decided to put it the other way up - and got some slips). i followed a few you tube vids on how to do it but i think they were from somewhere warmer and brighter than here. i would say that starting them in january would not be early enough! i still have a tuber with slips from last year on a window sill - and my entire surviving crop grown this summer, with what i'm now counting as a slip for next year is in a jug in the kitchen (including the pathetic harvest of mini tubers).
    you say they are ornamental sweet potatoes - do you mean ordinary morning glories or that you don't expect to get eating sized tubers?
    by the way, mine produced no flowers, either.
    they may do better in a poly tunnel in this country.
  • @scullion Crikey, that's complicated!  I had thoughts of planting them like taters and up they come! It sounds like I'd've been better off just splitting the plant and bringing it indoors for a coupla months. 
    BTW these are ornamental in the sense of being grown for their black heart-shaped foliage as a container plant  :)  
  • LynLyn Posts: 21,868
    An internet friend of mine started her SP in water on the 19th February but she does live in a hot part of Spain. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • hahahahah - i'm sure you could probably plant the whole tubers, in pots, in a warmish place in january and get new growth from them anyway - or do a bit of both methods. what have you got to lose‽
    good luck.
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