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Can I move these trees?

They’re Kansan cherries, planted a year ago at a year old. They’re going to be too close to a big grape vine that i’ve just planted and things will get crowded. If they can be moved, what’s the best technique please?


  • Prepare your new planting holes before removing the trees, so they can be popped in straight away.
    Lift the trees with as much root and soil as you can
    To ensure the roots grow well it is beneficial to add some mycchorizal fungi to them before planting. Alternatively add some bonemeal to the planting hole and work it in.
    When the trees are firmly in the ground support them with a tree stake, put into the ground at a 45degree angle on the West side of the tree ( prevailing wind then blows the tree away from the stake)
    Keep trees well watered during the growing season to get them established.
    A gardener's work is never at an end  - (John Evelyn 1620-1706)
  • Thank you, glad to know it can be done!
  • That’s my job for next weekend then. Thanks!
  • You can move trees even older than that. Trees have a tendency to bounce back up. I bought a good specimen of Sango Kaku Acer (35 l pot) which I planted in the front garden and it grew there for 5 years. I had an extension built at the front which required removing the acer. So I got to work and have to admit that between my hands and an old spade I butchered the poor roots of that plant. Not only that but quite a few major branches were lost in the process. I have to say that I thought that the tree would never survive but gave it a chance and replanted int he back garden. Last year it got covered in leaves and this year it just exploded with new branches that have grown rather fast.
  • Very positive. Glad to hear it. I look forward to success!!
  • The roots will have barely gone beyond the original rootball area. Yes, no problem. 
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