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Unidentified yellow flower

Please, what is the name of this yellow flower with dissected leaves? Thanks.


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  • Thank you so much Hostafan1 and WillDB.  I've checked out the online pictures.  Yes, it is indeed Anthemis tinctoria.  Yellow Chamomile.  
    It turned up unannounced in my garden this summer and I want to grow more of it because it is handsome, well behaved and the slugs hate it.  I needed the name to buy seeds.  
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,060
    You can make more plants by division in early spring - if you lift it you will find it teases apart into small plants with their own roots very easily, which can be potted on and grown on (larger pieces can be planted straight out).
  • FoxiesFoxies Posts: 60
    This is a super plant for pollinators Penelope .... I just pull stems of mine out - they usually come with roots attached and it transplants easily.
  • I love Anthemis, it is so reliable and flowers for months. I have the variety 'Sauce Hollandaise' . It's pale lemon flowers go well with all colours from Spring through to Autumn.
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