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Identify please.

These plants growing in my garden. Looks very healthy. Please identify. 


  • The plants look like Foxglove to me.
  • And me. 
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  • I thought the same but foxgloves growing nearby got different texture leaves. The plant in question got velvety leaves with hairy texture. 
  • I couldn't have described a foxglove any better than that @dpatel2130 - velvet and hairy texture to the leaves.  Foxgloves are biennials so your plants will flower next summer.  The flower spikes grow from the middle of the plant and the bees love them - so do I.
  • @Dovefromabove, @guernsey donkey. Thank you. Lucky me. These are selfseed foxgloves. Look forward to enjoy foxgloves flowers next summer. 😊
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,526
    It could be one of the Digitalis heywoodii hybrids . It may have mated with with others in the garden, but the type has hairier silvery leaves than normal digitalis purpurea. It should have white flowers.
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