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newbenewbe Posts: 41
what are the best type of indoor plants /flowers for conserveortory any help please


  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
    edited November 2019
    hi newbe, for me it's all about what will thrive in semi shaded conditions and what I can keep watered.

    Keep in mind a conservatory in a uk climate will have huge dips of hot and cold weather that might require plants to be moved during the extremes it can't handle.

    There are plenty of good ones in garden centres like boston ferns or dragontree plants and others they have marked as indoor plants.

    I've recently gotten into orchids which are one of the most rewarding indoors when it flowers - there is a huge selection of orchids from tropical varieties to very cool growing varieties.

    I would recommend you look at angraecum or aerangis varieties which are mild growing and they are fragrant too.

    I have no luck finding good orchids in the uk so I would recommend (they use hermes - be warned) or but postage is £22.

    Although if you have never had orchids before start with a dendrobium from Ikea - they were my first orchid and things carried on from there
  • newbenewbe Posts: 41
    thanks for your advice
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,818
    How big is the conservatory, which way does it face, is it heated, do you use it only in summer or in winter too?   What temperature ranges do you get in there?  Will plants be in smaller pots on shelves or bigger pots standing on the floor?

    If you can answer these we can give better advice.
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