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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 31,785
    Good morning to you all.
    Image result for Autumn fungi images
    Here you go Ante. More fungi for you. M-U, that cat did remind me a little of Mo Mo. I just thought it was a sweet picture of a cat having fun in the Autumn leaves.

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  • RubeeRubee Posts: 6,926
    Morning LB ,enjoy your trip to your rellies  .MU is that the same seat that was sabotaged before ? Difficult to stop them isn’t it?  My lovely Windsor chair has a shredded leg , thanks to Rufus  and my fairly new hallway carpet has been attacked by Bruno ,also the newish doormat is looking a bit sad thanks to Casper . I wouldn’t be without them though.The cats are more precious than belongings .
    Have a good day everyone ,keep safe .
  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 6,239
    edited November 2019
    Morning girls and boys and a big wave to Pansy. Enjoy visiting the family LB.

    Never got on here yesterday because I decided to do both our tax returns. Our affairs are not particularly complicated - and I am reasonably intelligent - but I do find the wording of some of the questions on the forms very difficult. Sometimes we just don’t fit into one of their boxes! Always terrified of getting it wrong. Don’t know why. Takes ages to do.

    Anyway - my brain was completely fried by 6pm so I just zombied out on the sofa all evening staring at a dot on the wall...

    This morning my shoulders feel much lighter. I’ve had that job weighing on my mind for weeks. Today I shall do mindless domestic chores that require no brain input.

    MU - that Boswell is a monkey isn’t he? Does he still drown his toys? Has he found Millie’s house yet...?😁
    Nice wreath you bought yesterday. I’m quite tempted by one on the Sarah Raven website which has battery operated lights. It’s a bit expensive and I’m not sure it would be sufficiently robust to go on the front door - so maybe not. I’m a sucker for tiny white static fairy lights.

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  • CheyngelCheyngel Buxton! Derbyshire, not Norfolk.Posts: 4,192

    Off to the SM shortly - hope it's not too crowded...
  • Rebecca110Rebecca110 Posts: 1,485
    Topbird enjoy a rest from concentrating hard.  Pansy I'm so pleased you are picking up your specs tomorrow, bless you and I enjoyed the video, I do love the carol's.  Chey I like the glass mushrooms.  Chive Alfie seems to like shabby chic in some areas, we love them though.  MU Boswell sounds like he's having a lovely time.  Runny hope you and oh are keeping well.  Joyce the phones can be fiddly things to set up.  Alfie's eating and even though Casper growls at times.  He's not doing it all the time.  Relations with Bruno and Rufus seem to be going well.
  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 31,785
    Afties all. Why is it so darn dark? When I got home after the rellie visit and shopping I was more than shocked to see a heap of snow on my neighbours front lawn. As I looked out of the window to investigate (nose!) another pile of snow flew through the air and landed on the heap already there. I soon realised that my neighbour must have been defrosting a fridge or freezer that hadn't been dealt with for ages. I'm not sure the grass would have been quite ready for that assault but it was certainly a talking point!
    Chey, I'll bet it was heaving in the SM if it was anything like mine. Hey ho, it's done now and I survived the crowds. PF, get ready for seeing the world through odd specs again tomorrow. At least two lenses have to make you feel less lopsided!
    T'Bird - after all your number crunching I hope you had a g&t to help you recover. I am completely hopeless dealing with figures - dyscalculia. Give me geometry, algebra, extrapolation from graphs and I'm fine. Give me arithmetic and my brain seems unable to compute. Rebecca, we are all here fuming about your poor boiler service so lots of thoughts will be going up tomorrow that all gets sorted out satisfactorily for you.
    Runners - please tell us what goodies you have in your stash. Oh no, I might be too late! They may have been demolished all ready.
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  • RubeeRubee Posts: 6,926
    LB , i bet you were shocked to see what looked like little heaps of snow, well aimed by a passing cloud😊?.TBird , I am not surprised that your brain felt fried after doing you tax returns .Household accounts do that to me and they are simple . Runners ,I hope you have enjoyed keeping your sofa company today . Hope everyone has had a good day .
  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 31,785
    Ruby, I was completely amazed. It was so 'out of the ordinary' when first seen but it made sense afterwards. I'm thinking that the freezer may have been in the garage as if it had been in the kitchen the obvious place to put the 'snow' would have been down the sink.
    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
  • Afters everyone.
    The boys took OH out this morning for a natter and a coffee. 
    While they were gone I got out all the Xmas pressies I've got so far.🤗  I've only got to get a few more bits. But unfortunately it's main pressies.  I've got nothing for OH 😣😕😔  I've got to get some things for one of the DILS a voucher for the other.....which is easy 🤗 and some bits for the boys. And all the sweeties/chocs for their stockings......yes as old as they are I still have to do those 😂😂

    RB, my OH is the same about wreaths on the door and for exactly the same reason.
    Had a very lazy afternoon, it's very dark......we have the lights on! 
  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489
    Afternoon all.  Dark and damp here all day.  Dumfries rellie was here was lunch and has just left for home.

    Pansy, it will be good to get your new specs tomorrow and have binocular vision again.

    M-U, I think you need some sort of reinforcement in the upholstery or a sign saying "No Entry".

    T'bird, big relief to have got the tax returns completed.
    SW Scotland
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