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dwarf espalier apples

Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum, so I'm hoping to get some advice on the best sort of apple variety (dessert) to grow as a dwarf, espalier. I have a 2ft 7 height deck with a panelled area ideal for planting a row of apple trees (south facing), There is also a balustrade giving extra height if necessary. What varieties and root stock would you suggest?  Many thanks, Dale


  • The lack of height won't be a problem if you choose a dwarfing rootstock.  You can grow apples as "stepover" trees if you like, with just two "arms" to their branches.  Rootstock plus correct pruning will keep them the shape you want.

    Don't forget that many apples need a pollinator.  The Orange Pippin site linked by Pansyface will tell you which varieties will pollinate each other.

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    My understanding is that for espaliers you don’t go for the most dwarfing rootstock as the tree needs some ‘oomph’ to counteract the pruning, so that it grows the laterals that you need. 

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  • Thanks everyone for your help. All great advice which will help me get started on this project. 
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