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Identity the possible cause

Growing carrots in raised bed made from 6 inch high timber boxes, fresh soil and compost. Sowed half carrots and half parsnips. Parsnips turned out very well but lot of the carrots turned bad. See pictures.. only thing I can think of is there drainage as in put holes in the side of box because the ground underneath is quite porous. Any ideas welcome so I can avoid this again for next season, thanks


  • Hi @finneranpaul and welcome 😊 

    I think that’s carrot fly damage.

    You can protect your carrots with a fine mesh insect netting. 
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  • I agree with Dove - definitely carrot fly damage.  If you throw any away, don't put them on the compost heap.  Best not grow carrots in that bed next year as they pupate in the soil and adult flies start emerging at the same time carrot seedlings appear.
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  • Thanks guys, appreciate the advice
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