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Hi Please could you advise, mum has foxgloves in border, flowering lovely and it is nov,

She would like to put bulbs in around them, whay do you do with foxgloves for the frost times. do we cut them down and leave or dig out? please advise.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,033
    Hi @dwoolley. If you want to keep the foxgloves, just leave them in situ. They are totally hardy and won't be affected by any weather.  Some will also come back and flower and some won't, and they may cross with the native foxgloves and look different.   :)
    You'll probably find they'll seed around, but if you don't want that, you can simply remove the flowerheads before they start setting seed.
    The new plants which seed will eventually have flowers. They're also very easy to remove if you don't want them as they don't have huge roots. 
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    I'd plant around the foxgloves. Sometimes they live another year after flowering  ,but not always. I'd just cut the flower off when it's over and let them get on  with it. 
  • Thanks guys, that is great glad i joined it now.
  • Good to ‘meet’ you @dwoolley 😊 

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