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Plant ID request please

The plant pictured centrally with the purple flower is the one I would like an ID for please. (there is another smaller one growing in the top right of the picture also)

Sorry about the poor photograph, I am hoping somebody will know what it is from this picture if not I can post some more when it is light outside! Photographed during the summer months, July possibly after most of the purple flowers were gone. I think this plant self seeded into my garden this year, or at least I don't remember it the previous couple of years. Only posted now as I have just recently become a member of the forum.

I do like the plant, but it has put down a LOT of seed, should I expect a lot more of these next year?


  • it looks like Purple Toadflax, which should self-seed. it is very popular with bees.
  • That was quick! Thanks @Alan Clark2. Yes the Bees did enjoy it this year.
  • B3B3 Posts: 26,426
    Yes but they're easy to pull out if they're in the wrong place.
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  • That's good to hear, although I would be happy to welcome it back in the same border next year as it was enjoyed by myself and the bees!
  • B3B3 Posts: 26,426
    If you cut it back you'll get a bushier plant next year if that's what you'd like
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • Thanks @B3 I will cut it back as suggested. So its a perennial, and any seedlings can be transferred elsewhere in the garden if required? It self seeded in a really dry bed, full sun, underneath the canopy of a couple of holly trees (the next door neighbours trees), not everything seems to enjoy it under those trees, so the Purple Toadflax can stay!
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