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Why don't more people grow from seed? That's what i would like to know!!!!!!



  • BraidmanBraidman Posts: 116
    I had terrible germination with all brassica seeds except Kohl Rabi this season and even that was not great, even with repeat sowings of them all!

    Of one lot of caulis I had 12 plants, the birds and others going blind I ended up with 5 actual caulis that I actually picked,

    I saw packets of F1 caulis at £4.99 for 10 seeds, and 10 plants for the same price, it is actually cheaper to buy them in the supermarket, without the hassle of losing most!

    PS Mine actually tasted great, and for once no caterpillars to spoil them!

  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 9,395
    It's really down to time, space and experience - not always cheaper when you include the cost of seed trays ( if starting as a new person ), compost, soil, grit, etc.  but the feeling of achievement when it works cannot be bettered.  If veg/fruit, the flavour is usually better too.

  • Valley GardenerValley Gardener Posts: 1,848
    Lack of space and a greenhouse,but still grow easy stuff on my kitchen windowsill
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  • GrasslyGrassly BucksPosts: 63
    edited 5 October
    @Busy-Lizzie that set up looks amazing, well done :)

    I don't have a greenhouse so will have to reign myself in but like others will use the kitchen and other corners here and there.
     I've set up a sheltered area outside in the back garden and will be doing everything on the cheap such as plastic containers for protection etc, I also work full time so will be mainly weekends but I'm looking forward to having a go.
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 14,995
    Thanks @Grassly, but it's not the same this year because of Covid 19. I went to OH's cottage in England the end of February and my plane back in March was cancelled, finally came back in July. Now I'm selling my house here in France.
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  • GrasslyGrassly BucksPosts: 63
    edited 5 October
    That's a shame @Busy-Lizzie, Covid has really knocked the stuffing out of everything.
    My thoughts / hopes are that we will turn a real corner come the spring, it will be a year then since it all began and we will know so much more about what we are dealing with and hopefully there will be medical breakthroughs which will give us all more options I'm sure.
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