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Garden border make over - suggestions please

Hi there. New to this forum. Interesting reading across the posts. I’ve recently moved house and the previous owner wasn’t much into his gardening so I’ve inherited a relatively blank canvas to work with. Apart from some “dwarf” conifers there is little planting. 

I like the thought of a typical country cottage flower filled border in front of the house. I’ve already purchased some Chrysanthemums on offer in a local DIY store so that will get things started. 

I am looking for some help/ suggestions on best way to take this project forward. I don’t want to block the windows with really tall plants

The border is lined with a weed control fabric and covered with gravel although it isn’t totally weed free. and I don’t have huge amount of time to be regularly weeding so I was thinking I need to maintain the fabric/gravel covering but I guess that would prevent getting a good spread of plants?

Could anyone offer some tips or point me towards somebody good online garden design resources? I’d love to document the project with plenty of photos. 


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,184
    I'd remove the membrane and fill it with plants, no bare soil = no weeds
  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 7,446
    I think I would take out the larger conifers before they get much bigger.
    The soil might be quite dry in the narrow border against the wall, so look for things that will like those conditions. Also, think about what direction the borders face and how much sun they get. If you want some spring bulbs, get them in sooner rather than later (except tulips which can be planted later as long as the ground isn't frozen solid).
  • I have the same problem only my garden has been taken over with ivy, I am hoping to get rid of the ivy then I will buy some packets of cottage garden seeds and sow them that way I will get a variety of flowers
  • Quick update on my border makeover 

    mostly transplanted items such as 
    curry plant
    Elephant  ears
    2 hostas 
    some young lilies which are yet to flower
    Gladioli yet to flower
    sweet williams
    Busy lizzies 
    And a few I don’t know what they are but quite colourful pink and purple flowers

    im added a few plants as the summer progresses to hopefully keep colour thru the seasons.

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