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Erysimum Bowles

My Erysimum Bowles everlasting wallflowers (grown from cuttings) have flowered all summer but have now become very top heavy, tall and large with growth and dry and bare on all lower stems.  I have pruned all finished flowers during the season which attracted a lot of bees.  However, later in the season they seemed to get some kind of fungus killing the flowers off in places.  What is best way to deal with these or should I start again?  


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,358
    I'd dump it and start again, they're short-lived anyway. If it was healthy I'd say take cuttings but if it's sick I wouldn't do that

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  • love them myself, but you rarely get more than 3 years from them before they become too woody and lose their flowering ability. I'd definately get some more but treat then as temporary and refresh when losing vigor. Pruning wont help, in fact it makes it worse and accelerates the plant into thickening up.
  • Thank you Phillip. I did dig one of the 3 out and the other two I have pruned and left but I feel sure they are going to look scruffy in the Spring so I will probably remove them also!  I did take some cuttings but not sure whether I want the bother!  Happy Christmas. Jenny.
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