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Confused raspberries?

Earlier in the year I bought a pack of three raspberry canes, each due to produce fruit at the different times. One cane grew a bit, produced leaves, three flowers and subsequent fruit in probably mid summer. One cane appears to have died and the third grew a few leaves but nothing else this year. Since they were only new this year and didn't cost much, I was happy enough and hoped they'd produce more next year.

However, the one which flowered has since produced 4 or 5 new canes. I assumed these would bear fruit next year but about a month ago they started to produce lots of flowers and they are now turning into fruit. What's going on with them and what should I do?! Leave them, cut them down to hope they work out the seasons for next year, or something else? I live in Greater Manchester.

Thank you for any help


  • PlashingPlashing Posts: 324
    It sounds like the ones that are fruiting now the autumn ones which will carry on fruiting till the first frosts,I am still picking mine you should leave them till mid February before you prune them and give the roots a good with compost and blood fish and bone meal ,the summer ones you prune the cane that have fruited in summer which by now  should have new canes to be tied in and feed with the same as the winter ones good look,I hope that helps.Peter
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