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  • IME, just a filler - cheap is cheap - benefits your pocket initially but not worth it in the end. 
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    I thought as much. Thanks @philippa smith2😕
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    Our blackbirds and migrants like rolled oats/porridge in frosty and snowy weather but that’s as ground food. I wouldn’t use it in feeders. 
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    No porridge oats for the birds here but then we don't get blackbirds in the feeder area.  However, we have just been visited by a peregrine.  It swooped into my kitchen bay shrub and missed and then tried to sort of hop, nonchalantly, ever closer to the feeders.  Our tits and sparrows were having none of it.
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  • Nothing as dramatic as a peregrine here, just the usually crew - blue & great tits, goldfinches, robin, male and female chaffinches, green finch, blackbirds,  grey pied wagtail crows, gulls and pigeons.  We haven't seen a wren or thrush in ages, in fact the last thrush was over a year ago - they never ate from the feeders anyway.
  • Just wanted to ask for advice as to when stop feeding birds whole peanuts. I read somewhere that when they feed their babies there is a danger of the young ones to choke on the whole peanuts or other large seeds. So how long is it safe to fill up the feeder (open type, where they can get the whole nut)? Thank you!
  • My Peanut feeders are such a small mesh as to only allow pecking - mostly used by the Woodpeckers - any droppings would not be a problem for the little birds.
  • I have an open feeder where they can pick up the whole thing - so that’s why I’m a bit worried. 
  • Remove that feeder at this time of year and have a look at the alternatives for future use.
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    Any peanuts I have left over from the winter ( mine are in feeders) I don't waste at this time of year, I take a handful a day and crush them putting some out on the ground every other day until they are used up. Small enough amount so as not to encourage rodents and get eaten in one day.🙂
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