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    Fairygirl said:
    Dunno @Hostafan1.
    Of course, in true Stanley Baxter stylee - the phrase can be enlarged upon, and often improved, with the addition of two more words - right [ as in - right up ye ] and sideways. 
    Did you watch the SB programme on 5 last night? I recorded it on my trusty video casette recorder so I can skip the ads when I watch it.
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    Haven't seen it all yet @Hostafan1 - had to get some sleep.
    He is a total gem and always has been. Lang may his lum reek  :)
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

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    Thankfully no parakeets here in my part of South Wales, plenty of song birds, at the feeders, and on the paved area below the feeders, all cleaned up each evening.
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    None in mine now either😉
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    I have a feeder with an extra cage round it to protect from the squirrels & large birds. They just hang off the side and bash at it so seed falls out to the ground. I have a sprung loaded version but a local magpie learned to hover at the port without it's weight closing it, very clever but annoying. I too seem to be seeing Jays all of a sudden at home & on Allotments.
    AB Still learning

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    What really annoyed  me about the parakeets was the way they just hung upside down and effortlessly ate the lot. I don't begrudge the magpies a few seeds as they put so much effort into get what little they managed.I
    I had trouble with pigeons hurling themselves at the feeder to knock the seeds out but I moved it and they stopped.
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    Our feeders are hung on a feeder pole, the pole is greased to deter the squirrels.
  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 18,494
    Ours are hung on a "decorative" metal thingy which was bought for a clematis but turned out to be impractical.  Great for hanging feeders tho.

    No squirrel problems here and it's placed clear of cover for cats and in view of our kitchen window and table.  Great fun.
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    Two parakeets had another go .Tee hee😂
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