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Hi all I was wondering when is the best time and how to plant garlic
you help please


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    Garlic needs a period of chilling to make it split into cloves so the best time to plant is autumn to early winter.   Buy fat bulbs form a garden centre or specialist as fat cloves give the best results.  Don't use supermarket garlic as it is not guaranteed to be virus free and was probably grown in warmer climes.

    Split each of your bulbs into individual cloves and plant these about 6"/15cms apart in good soil in full sun.  Bury the clove to about an inch/2.5cms below the surface and make the rows 12"/30cms apart.   

    Keep them weeded and water them in dry spells next spring and summer but not once you can see the bulbs fattening or they may rot.  Harvest when the foliage starts turning yellow.   Use a fork to lift them so the root plate is not damaged as this helps with storing quality.  leave them to dry on racks in sunshine then clean the dried foliage and most of the roots off and store in a cool, dry, airy place till needed.

    More info here - so have a read first, especially if you have heavy, wet soil.
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