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Rose Veilchenblau

Do any of you have this rose? Is it visited by pollinators ? I would think it would be but both the Rhs and David Austin websites don't seem to list it as being attractive for pollinators. I'm about to order one if so. 
Thanks in advance 


  • amancalledgeorgeamancalledgeorge South LondonPosts: 2,307
    It's a polyantha, so I'd expect it to have pollinator value...but let's bump it up for anyone that has grown it to respond. 
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  • Thank you, much appreciated  
  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 2,182
    It’s got lots of open flowers and forms hips, so it must be pollinated.

    I got roses with bees in mind but they didn’t seem interested in them this year. The bees particularly seem very picky about what they’ll visit - the honey bees loved the coreopsis and sedum, the bumble bees visited the single dahlias and snapdragons. But I saw them fly straight past other flowering plants. Erysimum was popular with both but at different times of the year. Lavender and Buddleia universally loved.

    But they weren’t fussed about the roses.
  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge WearsidePosts: 3,461
    I used to have this rose, the hoverflies liked it, as they do other open roses. I don't recall any interest in the flowers from any other pollinators.

    I agree with Mr Vine Eye about interest from bees in roses, I've rarely seen them on anything but a species rose but that's not to say roses don't have any wildlife value. Mine have aphids and therefore attract ladybird and hoverfly larva and the occasional wasp, also little birds, pollen beetles and leaf cutter bees.

    For some reason many of my roses are covered in harvestmen but I'm not sure if there is a connection or if it just somewhere to hang out.
  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 2,182
    Oh yes, absolutely covered in aphids and ladybirds/larvae. I loved seeing sparrows hopping around the roses pecking off the aphids.
  • Thank you for your comments. You have raised a valid point actually about aphids etc. I think I shall just buy it. It looks quite lovely in pictures. 
  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge WearsidePosts: 3,461
    Hope you like it and it does well🙂
  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 2,182
    Have you looked at Purple Skyliner? Which looks very similar to Veilchenblau - but repeat flowers
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