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Under the old (holm) oak tree

nonnynonny Posts: 6
I have a holm oak in my garden that we have estimated to be at least 120 years old. It has taken some knocks in its time from storms etc, last year was badly attacked by leaf mining moths and lost nearly all its leaves.  It recovered but it had become very straggly, so, we had just had it pollarded - a bit early in the year I know, but we had to fit in with tree surgeons diary. Hope it will be putting out new growth in the not too distant future!

Anyway, underneath the tree is nothing but ivy & some weeds which I am now going to clear. It hasn't been worth planting anything underneath until now so I intend to find some plants that will do so once all weeds cleared. My problem is that the 'soil' underneath is nothing but a compost of sorts comprising rotted dead holm oak leaves that have built up over years and years. The ground is quite springy underfoot & I am not sure what, apart from ivy and weeds, will grow.

Any advice would be appreciated. Also, some reassurance that my poor holm oak will regenerate. I live close to the coast in the south east. Weather dry with salt winds off the sea.

Thank you



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    Quercus ilex...common name Holm Oak...evergreen.
    When in leaf it will cast deep shade.
    Maybe try Cyclamen coum as a starter...once all ivy etc weeded out.
    Ruscus shrubs also can cope with shade...super red berries.

    Never had any experience  of drastic pruning/pollarding of evergreen oak before...sorry.
    Fingers crossed.

    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • nonnynonny Posts: 6
    Thank you - will see if I can order in the spring. 
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