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jdp1810jdp1810 Posts: 23
I have 6 lavender plants which have been growing in pots for a number of years. Bearing in mind that I live in Cornwall, when is the best time for these to be planted out in the garden?


  • Ante1Ante1 Posts: 2,740
    Hi @jdp1810, I live far away from Cornwall, on Mediterranean coast, but I plant all my plants at spring including lavender. Lavender is hardy when she rooted properly and she will have plenty of time during next spring and summer.
    I would keep those pots somewhere inside during winter and waiz for spring.
  • jdp1810jdp1810 Posts: 23
    I forgot to say that these plants have stood outside in the garden, all year round, over the years.
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,110
    Potted plants can be planted into the ground at any time unless ground is frozen or waterlogged.
    Obviously, you wouldn't be planting lavender into ground that waterlogs, but as long as the plants are healthy, and the site they're going into is suitable, there should be no problem.
    If you had a week of frosts coming up, it would be wiser to wait, but my understanding is that Cornwall doesn't get a huge amount of frost. If you know your own climate well, judge it on that  :)
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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,285
    I've had pots of lavender outside for many years and never lost any to cold or frost.
    I agree with fg that so long as your soil isn't waterlogged they'll be fine n the ground.
    If you decide to keep them in pots over winter, make sure they're raised off the ground  a bit so the pots can drain freely. Waterlogged roots will soon perish.
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