New house, deteriorated garden



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    Hello @andrew.j.mcwilliam and welcome to the forum 😀.  If you can take some close up photos of the tree/shrub in front of the balcony, showing a clearer view of the leaves someone might be able to identify it for you and give you correct pruning advice. I do think it's a shame that it blocks the view of the rest of the garden.
    I think the two shrubs down by the greenhouse look like buddliea, which are pretty much bombproof and generally bounce back from hard pruning if you wanted to reduce the height.

    Have you investigated how deep the pond is yet?
    If it's only shallow you could consider turning it into a bog garden. I don't have a pond but there are plenty of folk here who can give you great advice whatever your plans for it.
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    Hello @andrew.j.c.mcwilliam, nice to have you with us.

    Regarding the pond, if you want to get rid of it, it occurs to me that it might well be cheaper to see if it could be emptied out and then used as a sunken sitting area? Bit of a long shot I know, depending on how deep it is and what is on the bottom. Other than that, could you make a decking cover for it?

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    Andrew, do those bricks ar the end of the garden follow a pattern, they may have edged a border before, if so may be good to try and leave them and work with that, do some investigation work and see where they go.
    If they edge a border you could dig inside that, remove any stones and plant up with something you like.
    I would go for perennial plants rather than shrubs.. I did that when I first did my long border and after 4 years they are to big and I’m taking them out and replacing with perennials.  
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • I would keep the tall tree near the fence but remove the one which is beside the pond and erect a simple fence/metal railing around the edge so as to prevent the dog getting in.  The fence would need a small gate/some means of access to the pond itself, and you'd need to consider a kind of ramp in the pond itself to enable any creature which got in to get out safely e.g. hedgehogs etc.   If you investigate the depth of the pond and whether or not the bottom of it is level, could help you decide where to create a ramp, perhaps using broken stones etc.  

    Planting things in the pond itself would help manage the water condition and reduce algae etc.  I've never had a pond in any garden, but am sure there are others who use this website can make suggestions for you.  

    Having a fence around the pond might be cheaper than trying to get rid of it altogether, and I don't think that covering it with decking would be a good idea.

    Is there any chance that any rainwater run-off from the house gutters might get into the pond?  If so - even if you drain it - the area would stay very wet.  If the landlord knows who created it in the first place he might be able to advise you.
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