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Salvia Amistaad overwintering

I lost my Salvia Amistaad last year due to heavy frost and snow. I have a replacement which is still in flower which I am anxious to save from the same fate. I do not have a greenhouse and wonder whether it would be safe to cut back after flowering by say 50%, as the girth of the plant is quite big, this would enable me to use a fleece bag to cover the whole plant when there was a risk of frost or snow.
The only other possibility is that I have an outbuilding with a large window which would give light if I potted the plant and left it on a table very close to the window but not exposed to the weather would be likely to enable the plant to survive indoors, the outbuilding is not heated.
Any thoughts would be most welcome.


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,569
    Either should be ok. 
    They're very easy from cutting in about July which doesn't help for this year, but if you DO lose this one, get a new on in Spring and take cuttings as an insurance for next winter.
  • I left most of the top growth (excluding faded flowers) on mine last year and protected the base of the plant with copious fronds of fern. It survived, I intend to do the same again, although I have taken some cuttings just in case.
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