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Ideas for a small garden



  • Hexagon said:
    WillDB said:
    Wow, is EVERYBODY on Youtube these days? Very good video, the diagonals worked really well... who would have guessed that space had so much potential.
    Everyone wants to be famous, or rich. This guy wants to be a GW presenter. Similar annoying presenting style to Nick, only just slightly more annoying...
    In fact, the only GW presenter that I’ve never found annoying is Monty. I will be sad when he goes. Actually Frances is good. She should replace him when he dies. 
    Hey Hexagon, fame and fortune on youtube is pretty rare. I'm more interested in sharing ideas from my garden, improving my presentation style and video editing. So in this regard your feedback is helpful. I actually quite like Nick on gardeners world so I'll draw some positive from that. I'll work on being less annoying. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
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